Together We Can Strike Out Strikeout Bias

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3strikesyrout.jpgLast night Evan Longoria struck out 4 times. Four! Terrible. Joe Morgan must be rolling over in his booth. How dare he selfishly hack away while his team is behind...what's that? Evan Longoria hit both the game-tying AND game-winning home runs last night? When asked about it post-game, Longoria offered a resounding "meh"

I guess when you hit homers, people don't remember that you struck out four times

This is well trod ground, but strikeouts are no longer such a big deal. Longoria laughed it off during a post game interview, but he speaks the truth. If you were to peruse the list of main strikeout offenders you'd find some of the best players in baseball. The top four Kmen in baseball combine for 102 home runs with an average OPS of .902. Would you like those fine fellows on your team? I assume you would. Keep looking down the list and you'll see some of the best all-around players in baseball. Justin Upton, Evan Longoria, Matt Kemp, David Wright, Jayson Werth all post big numbers in spite of their strikeout proclivity.

Mark Reynolds, owner of the single season strikeout record, leads the way again this season with 146. That's a lot, but he's also hit 7 home runs in his last 8 games. Add his 20 steals in this year and you have a valuable player with a gaudy stat line.

We must all be in this together. If the local slugger strikes out in a key situation, we will not boo. We will applaud his attempt to earn his check the right way, by socking some dingers! We can band together to support our Three True Outcome brothers in their time of need, the numerous times they walk back to the dugout with their head held low. Solidarity K!

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