Tonight's Questions

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Hope youse enjoyed your Monday edition of Walkoff Walk. I'm back tomorrow with more.

Photo by Sister72 used under a Attribution 2.0 Generic Creative Commons license

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My love for the Zooperstars knows no bounds.

The dollar signs in Centipete Rose's eyes are pretty much the greatest thing of all time.

If Ichiro goes to the HoF, I am punching Lloyd in the sternum for liking him.

Stallion Iverson. Great animal-love porn name.

My wife and I were fortunate enough to experience the Zooperstars at a AAA game last year. I dare you not to laugh at their high-jinks.

holy crap - donovan mccrabb with generic can of soup? how have i never found this before!?

Dennis Frogman is out and proud.

Merely by dint of a discussion for or against his inclusion, Ichiro is a HOFer. Darren Daulton told me so.

If Ichiro doesn't make the Hall I will blame Fartie and the indifferent media of the cultural hotspot of Alameda County.

My brother saw the Zooperstars at a minor league game and had the infamous FOJ--the expression/enthusiasm someone would seem to reserve for something like seeing the Face of Jesus.

When the Zooperstars were on America's Got Talent, it was the first and only time I've called in to vote on a reality show.

And that's including the time I watched the first season of America Decides If We Shoot This Kitten Tonight.

It was on FOX.

Hell, I have to admit the Zooperstars are pretty spectacular. Saw them at a AAA game about a month ago. They were funny as hell, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't wanna see the one running around on top of the dugouts get hit by a foul ball.

I'm wasted. That is all.

Rob and I are wasted.

Drew, Alameda County is home to Pixar. Pixar is practically synonymous with diversity.

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