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Some quick, end-of-the-day announcements and whatnot to satiate your needs: (1) there will be no podcast again tonight so that we all can recover from the 82 hours we spent watching the Red Sox and Yankees over the weekend. (2) Dan McQuade is, without a doubt, the greatest guest-blogger in the history of forever and I wish someone out there would pay him to blog regularly. (3) Keep those tips coming, I promise I use them, really, I do.

Stay tuned for tomorrow, when we get back on this bucking bronco we call baseball-blogging and maybe post some of our own licking-whipped-cream-off-of-skanks photos. Same WoW channel.

(Nifty AT&T Park photograph courtesy of dpup on Flickr)

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The funniest thing I saw on the internets today was The Big Lead calling Mariotti a clueless shit stirring hack.

I guess it takes one to know one.

Tigers + ESPN = Automatic ShitShow.

Enjoy getting back on the winning wagon, Boston fans!

Above pic can only be viewed while wearing 2 long-sleeved shirts and a fleece.

Alex Rios traded to the White Sox in exchange for a bag of jack shit.

Salary relief is the new PTBNL.

Man, you think the Blue Jays would've gotten something in return for Alex Rios... like a slurpee, maybe...

Should somebody be checking on Drew right now?

Jordan Zimmermann to get Tommy John'd, miss 2010.


/drinks self to coma

That sucks, MDT, because the Nats were totally going to win the World Series in 2010 and now will have to settle for just the pennant.

I'd have settled for watchable but there just went our best (signed) young pitcher, so... good luck with that

On the bright side, I won't get confused when someone refers to a Zimmerman on the Nats.

You got greedy with the third set of quotes around 'baseball'. Aaron Ledesma would be so ashamed.

I have pics of Icarane licking cool whip off of Catshirt if anyone wants them.

I almost attacked Kevin Stocker until I realized he was actually kinda sorta good in '99.

Entire "Career Highlights and Awards" section on Kevin Stocker's Wikipedia page: "Was traded by the Phillies to the Devil Rays for Bobby Abreu in 1997."

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