Tonight's Questions

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I'm closing up shop early to head to the Bronx for the Yankees-Jays tilt. Please join Drew for his liveglog and then come back here to speculate on the size of Adam Lind's testicles. Same WoW channel.

(video link courtesy of Big League Stew Twitter)

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Drew live glogging the Yankees = kiss of death.

I'm as excited to see that 2010 Nats lineup as much as I'm excited to see our 2010 rotation, containing Mike Maroth, Jose Lima, and Kaiser Wilhelm.

Hey UU, the Yankees won the last time I glogged them.

Sorry Drew, the only one I can remember is the Red Sox-Yankee live glog from earlier this year. Commence live glog, I'm sure I'll have a few comments tonight.

Hit the bricks Diory Hernandez, Omar Infante is back.

@matt_T Did you see the lineups or did you just hear somebody whistling "Farmer in the Dell" outside Turner Field?

Shit, does that mean Diory was 'sent down' (murdered)

You know, I always wondered if Hankook was a racial slur. Like Spink. /jonronderbi

At first I thought that was a screenshot from the TV show "Hung" but holy fucking shit no. Gerald Cosloy's fucking house burned down.

It's quite possible that Thomas Boswell had a stroke at some point during the last couple of years, and didn't tell anyone.

Wow, I haven't seen Youk that pissed since the last time someone called a strike.

Hate to parachute in and pimp my blog like this, but I'm a drunken Indians fan who owns gune and my latest post is about heavily armed drunken Indians (casino, not slurpee) so here ya go:

Another great one, Chief. I've been in a similar situation once or twice.

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