Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, bang yr heads.

  • ANY chance we'll talk about Pedro's first start here tomorrow? Former Boston hero, pitched for New York now lands in Philly. Nah, that doesn't sound like something we'd be interested in.

  • WILL Josh Beckett and the Youki-less Sox keep it crucial against the Tigers?

  • ANYONE staying up for the White Sox/M's? Buehrle/Hernandez would have been a marquis match up a couple weeks back but Mark has been pissing the sheets since his perfect game.

  • HOW come John Walsh never thought of murdering people to boost ratings of America's Most Wanted? The Brazillians are truly innovators.

  • WHAT will the impact be like if it is revealed that Greg Maddux, Mariano Rivera and Ichiro all used st....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • IS anyone else thinking that the NL Wild Card race may be the most exciting thing to follow next month? The Rockies lead it by 1 game at the moment and look to bounce back against the Bucs tonight.

  • WHY is this taxi parked in front of Rob Iracane's townhouse?

You all have wonderful hair. See you tomorrow. Same WoW Channel.

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In fairness, my hair is nothing to write home about.

FYI the 700 Level is liveglogging the Phillies/Cubs game tonight (Pedro's debut!).

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