Tonight's Questions

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Wednesday has been wrapped up neatly with a tidy bow. Thanks for stopping by and glogging along to the ChiSox and Royals. See you tomorrow, same WoW channel.

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I think the world could use another dose of Fernandomania, to be honest.

I'm having commenter's remorse. The Scenario Remix totally should have been the seventh inning stretch. With Incarcerated Scarfaces coming in a very close second. I am so ashamed of myself. I hit the panic button, plain and simple.

Rob, I'm surprised you answer wasn't Jose Lime. As a mediocre player with a silly catchphrase, he seems right up your hate alley.

"It's Lima time, baby!"

On the other hand, hot wife.

refused to drink anything stronger than a milkshake, for fear of dulling his skills

Know what dulls your skills? Freezing your dead face.

Rob, I'm surprised you answer wasn't Jose Lime

I was thinking Chet Lemon.

Well, if we're gonna talk about "Pulling A Favre", it's gotta be one of those "golden boys" with at least a sliver of postseason success. It's also gotta be a guy that certain media peoples fawn over to the point where the rest of us want to vomit. Based solely on that criteria, my proverbial money's on Jeter.

Atlanta has already scored 8 this inning, but McCann hit a HR so, rally over

Cherry tomatoes and grape tomatoes are not interchangeable. If I order a salad that features cherry tomatoes and you fucking put grape tomatoes on it, I will rip your face off and shit down your gullet. You wouldn't fucking serve someone 'grape pie' if they ordered 'cherry pie', would you, asshole restaurateur? No. So STOP FUCKING SERVING SHITTY STOREBOUGHT GRAPE TOMATOES WHEN CHERRY TOMATOES ARE IN FUCKING SEASON IN FUCKING NEW JERSEY

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