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Hey, remember when Walkoff Walk commenters used to congregate here at night and chit-chat about chicks and shit like that before everyone started re-tweeting each other's witticisms on the Twitter? Yeah, those days were fun. See you tomorrow, same WoW channel.

(Giants-Dodgers brawl photo courtesy of Flickr user artolog)

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me and the wife will be at Yankee Stadium on Sept. 13, you guys might want to mark that on your calenders.

Are those two teams fighting for Jeff Kent's love?

Sept 13th is a Sunday, likely a day game. Good news, you can still hit the early bird special at Sizzler.

@matt_T, correct. 1pm start, early bird special after the game.

Lincecum looks lost there in the back.

"Don't fight, bros, just chill"

Rob, your passive aggressiveness is very mom-like (like my mom, at least). I now feel substantially guilty and will overcompensate by commenting more at night. I doubt this is the solution you had in mind BUT SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES OF YOUR INDISCRIMINATE SHAMING.

Hey, remember when Walkoff Walk commenters used to congregate here at night

Sounds like Rob is yearning for the days of WoWUAN. I also remember a time when I could comment more than three or four times a week. It's a time I like to call "before my job really sucked."

These dark ages ain't so bad, no one has to read my comments anymore.

Nope! RT @ iracane Hey, remember when Walkoff Walk commenters used to congregate here at night and chit-chat about chicks and shit like th..


And I hope they show lots and lots of Seagal running like an awkward teen girl.

Twitter, like public transportation, is for jerks and lesbians.

I'm still here. I just happen to spend a lot of free time these days at

I dont ever remember anyone here talking about chicks.

Agreed. ChickENS, yes. Chicks, no.

Question: What can't sriracha do?

Answer: Disappoint me.

Colonel, don't know if you've seen this story, but it's up your alley.

It's true, ingesting hot peppers when you're sweating it out in the hot hot summertime heat is a great way to cool down. Thanks, Carls Steaks!

So the always awesome Matt_T threw THIS new Crooked Vultures track on his tumblr today. I'm not sure why I'm posting it here, because you all read his tumblr anyway, but in case you missed it, you all need to listen post-haste. CaliguLOVE IT

The good news is that the Cards are facing the shamockery that is the Houston Astros.

The bad news is Wandy Rodriguez has some sort of magical powers over Cardinals hitters.

Something has to give.

Does anybody know what kind of guitar that is that Josh is playing, it is srad

hmm... what game to watch tonight - Mets at Marlins or Rangers at Yankees?

Whatever it is, it's not as metal as your bad ass guitar that survived the fire, Matt.

Matt, it looks like Gibson's "Dot" model. Whether it's an actual Gibson Dot or an Epiphone or some other company emulating it I don't know 'cause I can't read the brand name on the headstock.

That's true Rob, but at least Josh can play more than 3 chords BOO

Jesus Christ, @bravesorganist just made my shitlist. But he played the Blazing Saddles theme for Chase Headley, so he's off it now.

Shrimp potential in atlanta

no shrimp


The documentary on the short lived Israeli Baseball League is streaming on Hulu only through Friday!

We almost had beer-battered shrimp in Milwaukee...

Instead of winning with treadmill shrimp, the braves get beat by a human shrimp

so scrappy

No matter who the Phillies put in at closer, the save gets blown. Thank God Ryan Howard hit the ball to Erie (or whatever).

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