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We're about to hit a major milestone here at Walkoff Walk. Within the next week, we'll have hosted our 500,000th visitor! And only 485,000 of them have been spambots! But of course, we're not concerned about huge numbers here anyway. We just want a couple hundred devoted readers to ingest our words and not walk away with a bad taste in their collective mouth. So, thank you, especially those of you who reload on the page and click on certain things that lead to cash to cover hosting fees.

Consider the video above to be your amuse bouche for the day. See you tomorrow, same WoW channel.

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Down goes another Met
KBurkhardtSNY "Add another to the list: Oliver Perez season ending right knee surgery"

never been to W.TX, but my brother has been there for work. When they found out he had an "Eye-talian" last name he was immediately asked if he was in the mafia.

/true story

LtB live glogging Yankee = good luck charm. Yea Drew!

METS = My Entire Team Sucks

Re: Texas
Everybody needs to read Chief Wahoo's latest entry on his PBS blog about his travels through Texas. I will believe everything I ever read about that place from now on.

Also, I am looking for another WoW reader's blog to recommend in a comment tomorrow. Matt_T got love yesterday, and Wahoo today. Sorry, MDT, you're out. I only watch the random MMA fight to stay socially competent.

Also, I had comment #28000. Woo hoo. I think that means I get to retire now.

Also, this site averages about 1 comment per 18 unique visitors. I don't know if it's good or bad, but it sure is math.

Having lived in Texas for 5 years, I'm not shocked by Chief's story. Or his o-pinyon of the great state.
I miss the bbq though.

I will take your advise and not sleep on Chris Carpenter

Good idea. Your back will thank you.

Thanks for all the love, boys. The hardest part about writing that post was knowing how improbably stupid her words would sound. Fact is, I probably "smartened up" the dialogue a little if anything.

I made tabbouleh and hummus tonight. Later, I might issue a fatwa and complete the trifecta.

Based solely on Wahoo's article, my pre-existing prejudices and the fact that Wu-Tang are from Staten Island, I am cheering for New York to beat Texas in the LLWS. Plus, almost every kid on the team said that their favorite player was Jason Marquis. Shit is bizarre.

Damn you, Honeynut.

Also, the one kid that didn't pick Marquis picked Texiera. That kid, and it's official now, is the most boring kid in that clubhouse. He will be the most boring human everywhere he goes for the rest of his natural, probably unfulfilled life.

Baseball robots are not to be admired, they are to be monitored and destroyed if they turn on their masters, young man.

Is it wrong that I looked pretty hard without finding a site online that would take action on the Mexico/Japan LL matchup?

Jason Marquis is from Shaolin, and played on the Staten Island LLWS team that went to the finals 15 years ago. EVERY kid from Staten Island loves Jason Marquis. I worked in SI for 2 years and no less than 8 people asked me if I knew about Him. Their eyes lit up like they were talking about imported soppressata.

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