Tonight's Questions

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  • CAN the White Sox escape from Fenway with a win? Find out yourself if you have MLB Network and a free night.

  • WILL the Braves suffer the indignity of being swept at home by the Padres? Javy Vazquez refuses to comply.

  • FISTER? I don't even know her.

  • DO you know anyone pictured on this blog? I sure hope I don't.

Thanks to those of you who joined in the fun during the liveglog today. Tell your friends! We take on all willing participants, even Cubs fans. See you tomorrow for your usual Friday faves. You too, squid baby. Same WoW channel.

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OK, music gurus. If you have to pic one day to attend the Outside Lands music festival, which day:

I'm not one of the gurus, but each of the days looks pretty stout to me. If I had to choose, I'd probably do Sunday.

I'm not one of the gurus, but I didn't know who 90% of those artists are. Guess I'd go the day Trombone Shorty is playing as I like him.

Picked up some beautiful veal rib chops and asparagus which will be going on the grill tomorrow.

That's a tough one because compared to Fri and Sat, or any other festival closer you're likely to see, Tenacious D is woefully weak...

...but Sunday has the lineup I like best top to bottom.

So I think the solution here is to go all weekend.

Tonight for dinner I had an almost entirely locally sourced salad with field greens, edible flowers, heirloom tomatoes, scallions, mushrooms, and pink currants, with a chunk of Vaquero Blue Cheese from VT on the side. The only things that weren't local were the thin slices of Pancetta I seared and put on top.

phillas, go Saturday when Mastodon plays.

UU stole the words out of my mouth.

I think I'm going Sunday. Maybe sneak a listen part of Saturday as I live right by the park.
Or I could go to Giants/Rockies....

Avett Bros, Sunday.

Yes, my Sunday rec was in spite of Tenacious D, not because of them.

I didn't cook this evening. I do have a bag of Rainier cherries that are going down between now and tomorrow, though.

Baked chicken covered with mushrooms sauteed in white wine, shallots, and fresh rosemary. Served with orzo and sliced tomatoes.
All while watching the Giants serve up batting practice to the D-bax.

Dominican conch fritters, fresh guac, and skirt steak with jalapeƱo corn fingerling potato salad. I'm gonna miss Restaurant Week when it's gone; my wallet is not.

Oh and I didn't cook that. Because I am the second most douchey person on the planet.

Saturday! Mars Volta to get you in the mood, and then Mastodon to rip your face off.

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