Walking on Broken Glass: Four Moore Years of Dayton in KC

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The puns are a-poppin' because it's a perpetual pit of patheticness in Kansas City. David Glass and the Royals have decided that general manager Dayton Moore is doing such a rip-roaringly good job of guiding the U.S.S. Willie Bloomquist that they've locked him up for A WHOPPING FOUR YEAR CONTRACT EXTENSION that will take us all the way out to 2014, or about the same year Billy Butler finally has his breakout season.

Thank goodness they kept their guy, because I heard the other teams were just knocking down Glass' door to steal the genius Dayton Moore away from the KC organization. Who else would be wise enough to acquire the $13 million man with a .267 OBP known as Yuniesky Betancourt in a trade? Who else would have the foresight to throw a few cool million at Mike Jacobs when they have Kila Ka'aihue cooling his heels in Triple-A? Who else would sign a bunch of free-agent relievers for a team with a rotation that consists of Zack Greinke and four schmucks?

Here's Bob Dutton, who broke the story:

The move confirms owner David Glass' belief that Moore has the organization pointed in the right direction despite this season's disappointing play. The Royals carried a 50-80 record into Monday's series opener against the A's at the Oakland Coliseum.

Hopefully, Glass will continue to make all the right moves to keep the Royals from EVER having a winning season EVER again, like re-signing Kyle Fursworth. But we shouldn't laugh. The Royals are a serious ballclub now.

(via MLB Trade Rumours)

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Give them a break. If you round down, they are on pace for only 99 losses this year. That's only double digets baby!

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