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That's a wrap on the second week of August, folks, and what a week it was for people getting hit by foreign objects. Just ask Rick Porcello, Shane Victorino, or Adrian Beltre. Be careful out there, you never know what's around the next corner.

Your nationally televised weekend games include a trio of FOX games tomorrow at 4PM: Giants at Mets, Indians at Twins, and Phillies at Braves. Then, tune in at 8PM for Red Sox at Rangers on MLB Network, and once again on Sunday afternoon at 2PM on TBS. Finally, the Phillies and Braves will tussle again on ESPN at 8PM Sunday night. Stop all your complaining about East Coast bias. The Rangers are totally in Mexico or something.

See you all again on Monday. Same WoW channel.

(Progressive Field sunset photo courtesy of Flickr user fusionpanda)

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I know it's against the Pirates, but I still say it's impressive: The Cubs just scored 10 runs in the bottom of the second inning without a single tater tot.

Braves and Phillies are tied for the best record in baseball since June 28th.

I wouldn't call it a last gasp.

The foreign object that hit Rick Porcello kind of looks like the where the different foreign object hit Adrian Beltre; Shane Victorino is from the land of coconuts.

You'll never see a prettier picture of such an ugly burg.

I take it back, if they get swept its over.
Otherwise, game on.

I think freetzy just had a stroke.

Matt:The Braves :: Robin Hood:Maid Marian

The specifics of that Reds promotion: "4 for $40"
With this package, you can buy four View Level tickets to any game during the August 13-16 series vs. the Nationals for just $40! Plus, you'll receive a coupon for two FREE packages of John Morrell Off the Bone lunchmeat just in time for the kids heading back to school.

I don't know what John Morrell Off the Bone is, but it sounds like a Rage Against the Machine solo project.


Plug in that Foreman 'cuz it's go time

They're my new favorite slaughterhouse.

Off the Bone was before John Morrell started disfiguring his face and abusing narcotics.

Tuck him into your Foreman with the care of a newborn baby on a cold winters night

I can picture one of those crazy post-partum depression mothers putting her baby into a panini press, muttering, "Gotta warm up the baby! The baby's cold! Gotta warm up the baby! The baby's cold!"

It's important to spray the baby with oil there, first, so you get a nice shimmery crust.

Friday afternoon's as good a time as any to plug my new venture, working in Sussman's Salt Mines over at Blogcritic. (He whips gently.)

It's an MMA blog, so... hey! Wait! Where'd you all go?


They'll take anybody!

In fact, those were my qualifications.

MDT, what do I click on the page to go to a comments section where I can be super witty?

Alls I'm sayin' is alls I'm sayin'.

Nice picture of the Jake, boys. BTW, the Tribe has a new mascot and logo:


Chief, the hoodie model isn't jowly enough.

Gentlemen, for those of you who regularly communicate with matt_t, he just tweeted that he got home from a show and his condo is on fire. Looks like everything is lost. Thoughts and prayers his way...

What a horrible thing. I hope he is ok as are any loved ones.

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I'm fine, everyone else in the bilding was fine. I don't think my cats made it though. Luckily my folks live pretty close so I'm crashing with them for the time being.

I think everything inside is gone. Rip Greg Maddux rookie card.

Matt: my deepest regrets for your loss. I can't even begin to imagine what that must be like. Please let me know if there's anything I can do.

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