Weekend Questions

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Hey kids, no surrender.

  • WILL the Red Sox success at home be enough to keep them from getting embarrassed by the Yankees again this weekend? Sabathia/Beckett on Sunday.

  • DO you miss the halcyon days of 2007-2008 when a late August Phils/Mets series had high drama and high stakes? Seems like only yesterday.

  • WHAT will the NL Wild Card standings look like after the Rockies/Giants series?

  • ARE you going to watch any of that televised Little League ball this weekend?

  • ANY quibbles with Pfork's Top 500 Songs of the Decade?

  • ANY chance Scott Spezio makes it back to the bigs? Stranger things have happened I suppose, and baseball IS looking for a new redemption story since Josh Hamilton did those Jaegerbombs.

Birthday shoutout to John Wetteland, pictured above with his wife. Oh, ZING.

End of the week. Waning weeks of summer (though you can't tell from the heat). Grab your honey and go fool around at the beach. Drew will be here all weekend to help you get the sand out of your crevices. Same WoW Channel.

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WHAT will the NL Wild Card standings look like after the Rockies/Giants series? And the two teams immediately below them are playing each other this weekend too.

In a silk suit
tryin' not to sweat
hittin' summersaults
without the net

Penguin suit!

"Paper Planes" always just makes me wish I were listening to "Straight to Hell" instead, in the same way that "Ice Ice Baby" makes me wish I were listening to "Under Pressure." Neither new song adds enough to the song they sample to make me forget about how superior the original is.

I've enjoyed skimming the Pitchfork list, even though I can't get a single one of the mp3 samples to play.

I've heard nine of the top ten but maybe one of 11-20.

"Maps" is probably my favorite of those songs.

Pshaw. List is garbage without any Bing Crosby.

Pitchfork has always come across as a bunch of pretentious fuckheads to me... which is probably half the fun with that site in the first place.

Goin' to the Jake Saturday night for Mariners at Indians. Have good fun weekend time, y'all.

My Girls at #9 is the only thing that looks out of place.

I am so predictably out of touch that the majority of the top 50 that I had even HEARD OF were rap songs. Oh and I love Paper Planes, regardless of the Pineapple Express onslaught.

What have we learned about me this week? I occasionally enjoy Bud Light Lime and like M.I.A.'s music. Freetzy, if you're hankering to punch me in the throat, you'll have to get in line behind Drew Fairservice.

Nah, Mr. Panick, we're cool. That was just my interpretation of the situation.

New music sucks unless E40 is bringing it.

Hey chief, for the 40th time, gimme your stew recipe again.

Now having read the top 20...yeah, I have a quibble. R. Kelly sucks and pees on 15 year old girls.

Outkast are fucking sweet. Missy Elliot is decent. Gnarls Barkley is cool.

All the white artists I have never heard of besides Yeah Yeah Yeahs

I agree with the Colonel about Maps. I think that's one of the ten best songs I've ever heard, not just from this decade.

I also think the Ignition Remix got jobbed by not being in the top ten. That song was a stone cold classic.

Another point about Maps, the bridge from Since U Been Gone (shoulda been top 10 too) is ripped off from Maps.

I don't get DMac's thing.

What, no Dokken?

Nick, I happen to love MIA. Both records are amazing. We cool.

Anyone else gotten a tad emotional playing rock band maps with a bunch of dudes? Incredible song.

I will beef with dmacs post only because Sweetness is one of my favorite songs. Sue me.

@Colonel @Kris

I love love love Maps. It's one of my airplane songs, something I have to listen to when I'm flying (which, because of work, I've been doing weekly for a few months). I was pleasantly surprised to see it in the top-ten.

The sweetness, and a praise chorus are great, actually most of that album is very good.

I used to like Jimmy Eat World a decent amount (I actually saw them on 9/10/01, or maybe a day or two before, I forget. I do remember the marquee said JIMMY EAT WOLRD.) Bleed American is a pretty good album I guess -- I'll second Sweetness and A Praise Chorus songs I liked -- but I haven't listened to it in a while. Sure, they could have made one of the top 200 songs, I guess.

BUT THE MIDDLE IS ONE OF THE WORST SONGS EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER. EVER. Horrible lyrics that could have been written by a fifth grader, really annoying beat... it's like a Billy Joel song. I'm sorry, that was mean, but, really: It's the worst song on that album by far, and it's their worst song except that one that closes Clarity that's 17 minutes long.

Jimmy Eat World also once held a t-shirt contest on their website with rules that explicitly banned the initialism "JEW."

This exhausts my knowledge on Jimmy Eat World.

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