You Can't Spell Robert Pollard Without Ro(g)er (C)l(emens)

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Yesterday while easing myself back into blogging like an old man into a warm bath, I decided to plop down in front of the MLB Network. Have you heard of this? It's awesome. It's a channel about baseball. They were showing Roger Clemens 20K performance against the Tigers. Highlights were the imposing Greenwell/Vaughn/Canseco troika in the middle of the lineup, Nomar in his first full month in the bigs(!), realizing that Ernie Harwell was overrated and the reminder that The Rocket was born in Dayton, Ohio.

I'm sure there was a time in my life that I knew that. I loved Rog growing up, although I can't say he was ever more than my 3rd or 4th favorite Red Sock. Still that was the kind of stuff you knew about your team's ace as a 10 year old. In any case, I'd forgotten it and now when I hear Dayton, Ohio I think Robert Pollard. The Fading Captain is one of my all time favorite dudes and his long and prolific career holds some similarities to the long and prolific career of Mr. Clemens. Both are distinguished and prolific. Both have detractors that say they hung on too long.

Robert Pollard

Over 1,000 songs registered as author on BMI.

Prematurely grey.

Plays for the Boston Spaceships.

Blimps Go 90.

Roger Clemens

4,672 strikeouts

Prematurely blonde.

Played for the Boston Red Sox.

Could probably still hit 90.

The one major difference is that I still give a damn what Robert Pollard does.

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Robert Pollard: Once pitched a no-hitter

Roger Clemens: Not so much

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