Any of You Jamooks Got a Problem With Jerry Hairston Jr?

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Then you come deal with me, fella. Jerry Hairston may have made the seventh inning error that broke up Andy Pettitte's bid for a perfect game after 20 straight outs, but it was Andy Pettitte who broke up Andy Pettitte's bid for a no-hitter immediately afterwards and Andy Pettitte who broke up Andy Pettitte's bid for a shutout by giving up a tater tot to Melvin Mora in the eighth inning. Human beings are frail and fallible, that is the nature of us as a beast.

In fact, Alex Rodriguez' injured hip requires him to sit out once a week, so that's why Hairston was at third in the first place. But while A-Rod may have been able to field Adam Jones' hot-shot grounder that went through Hairston's wickets, who can tell if A-Rod would have handled Matt Wieters slow roller in the sixth that Jerry fielded with such aplomb?

So let this be a warning to any jamook Yankees fan who deigns to direct even the mildest of boos at Jerry Hairston Jr: I will hunt you down and waggle my finger in your face with such utter determination you'll never want to be a rude dude ever again.

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