Atlanta: Home to Resiliant and/or Dominant Gingers

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garfield.jpgWhile some of the Deep South's finest red headed creatures spent their summer cheating death and being great, the Braves Tommy Hanson had to settle for mere greatness. The rookie pitcher started well and only improved as the summer progressed.

How good is Tommy Hanson? Consider he's gone at least 5 innings in every single one of his big league starts, save one, a 2+ hour rain delay prematurely ended his day. August saw Hanson's strikeouts creep up while his walks eased down. Over the past 30 days the big Brave struck out over 10 batters per 9 innings while walking fewer than 2 per 9. Add in plenty of ground balls and you've got yourself a ROY candidate.

Whispers of the Braves being slightly asset rich but cash poor could allow the team to move higher priced talent like Javy Vasquez or decline the option on Tim Hudson thanks to excellent cheap, young, pitching like Hanson and Jair Jurrjens. Perhaps they could acquire a bat to bolster their moribund offense.

Even if Hanson can't wrestle Rookie of the Year honors away from J.A. Happ or some other pitcher with a modicum of run support, Braves fans have to be over the moon with the look of their future ace. Though he may look like Roy Halladay, his batted ball profile is a little more of the traditional four pitcher power guy. Either way, Braves fans are making plans and looking toward a Hanson future.

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One would have to be a genius to have grabbed him in the WoW league.

It's been great seeing Hanson live up to the hype. With him and Jurrjens they have a nice 1-2 punch for years.

Also UGAs qb is nicknamed thr Ginger Assasin.

Don't forget Ginger Cat. She's a fighter!

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