Augie Ojeda Destroys Innocent RC Aircraft

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I could watch this clip all day. It has everything: A game disrupted by a miniature plane flying around Dodger Stadium (a mini Fan Man!), Vin Scully actually announcing the disruption of a game by a radio-control aircraft (รก la the cat at the Royals-Mariners game last month), the crowd cheering the plane's every twist and turn, the Diamondbacks' Augie Ojeda ripping the plane into pieces once it hits the railing of the D-Backs dugout and Dodgers fans booing after the plane is ripped apart.

I also really enjoyed Scully's compliment of Ojeda's destruction of the RC plane at the end.

It's a good idea to destroy it. That would become a very bad habit here in the ballpark, let's face it. It's tough enough with beach balls, but something like that could really be destructive.

Is Scully suggesting that beach balls, too, are destructive, just not as destructive as radio-controlled aircraft? If ol' Vin wants to see a really destructive airplane on a baseball field, he should watch this video:

Now that's a plane that could do some damage at a ballgame. I think Dodgers' CF Matt Kemp has the right idea:

"That was tight -- I liked that. That stayed in the air for a cool two or three minutes."

I'd say it's more ill than tight, but Kemp is the major leaguer, he probably knows better.

Video via The Fightins

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These things happen when you trade for JI

Also: Is Scully suggesting that without the plane being ripped to shreds, it would be able to take off again and disrupt games in the future? I already think its wing was knocked off.

Geeze, Scully, this is day one RC aircraft shit. Get it together.

Also: Hey guys! My triumphant return! I'm going to review Rhubarb on Friday, too.

If this happened in Boston, Mayor Menino would hunt that fucker down and arrest him for terrorist acts.

Once again, Vin Scully demonstrates that he is the master.


Its viral marketing for a new Neutral Milk Hotel album. The Helicopter over the Stadium

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