Bad Karaoke Spurs Massive Girlfight at Bobby Valentine's Restaurant

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Former Mets manager Bobby Valentine has a bar in his hometown of Stamford, CT and, because my girlfriend lives in Stamford, I've walked by the place a number of times. We've never gone in because, frankly, if I wanted a crappy sports bar with bad jalapeno poppers and crazy crap on the walls, there's a perfectly good Applebee's down the road in Norwalk.

But my absence is not stopping Bobby V's from hosting weekly Wednesday karaoke nights, and it's not stopping the local gals from causing quite a ruckus when they don't like the singer:

More than a New York woman's ego was wounded when six women beat her up over a bad karaoke performance in Stamford, police said.

The 25-year-old woman from Port Chester, New York, was singing at Bobby Valentine's Restaurant on Wednesday night when six women made some derogatory comments about the victim's inability to sing, police said. What she was singing, we have no idea.

The group is accused of punching and kicking the singer, chipping her tooth and bruising her, and pulling her hair. The victim went to Stamford Hospital to be treated.

This was probably just a big misunderstanding because those girls obviously only wanted some wrap sandwiches.

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So Rob has a venue to fulfill his wager?

It's immeasurably awesome that this warrants a latenight, breaking update.

It's immeasurably awesome that this warrants a latenight, breaking update.

It's obvious she was singing a Guy Clark standard.

TOPICAL! Guy Clark just released an album last week!

I can only assume it was a double album, yes?

1. I guess I no longer "own" the drunken late night useless post market.

B. I bought the Guy Clark record. It's stellar.
B. I bought the Guy Clark record. It's stellar

I interrupt this karaoke post for BACK TO BACK HUNDRED LOSS SEASONS WHAT


I'm now going to rewatch Ken Jeong's "Why Do I Teach Spanish" speech from Community eighteen times and then go to bed.

Spanish is 90% hand gestures.

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