Bobby Cox Has Job Security Issues; an iPhone

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Atlanta Braves skipper Bobby Cox' contract expires at the end of this season, and if you believe what you read on these Internets, he's so fed up with team G.M. Frank Wren that he ain't coming back for 2010. Seems as though Cox and Wren get along about as poorly as a fox and a hound and I'm not talking about those cute Disney characters. I mean that Frank Wren has been chasing Bobby Cox' scent around the forest for the past six months so he can tear him limb from limb. Too graphic a metaphor? You decide.

The AJC's Mark Bradley reports:

Bobby Cox responded this morning to a Yahoo! Sports report of discord between him and Braves GM Frank Wren. Said Cox, speaking via iPhone from New York: "Everything is fine. Frank has been outstanding ... I couldn't believe it when I [learned of the report]."

Gordon Edes reported Tuesday that Cox had been so angry over the handling of John Smoltz's departure and the failure to be included in personnel discussions he packed his bag and had to be talked out of leaving spring training by a Braves coach. Asked if that had indeed happened, Cox said, "No."

But it took our own Matt_T to ask the important question:

Bobby has an iphone?

Seriously, Matt, why isn't this fact the crux of the news item? A senior citizen carrying around an iPhone is shocking indeed! I can't imagine Cox operating the tiny on-screen keyboard with his haggard old fingers nor could I picture him cruising the App Store for new software that tells him how to further mishandle his bullpen.

But if the reports are true and the Braves will announce Cox' future plans after their current road trip ends, well, I sure hope it's not the end of the road for ol' Bobby. Baseball needs its wrinkled old codgers, especially those who have embraced new technologies. Except Jim Leyland, he's stuck in the past, he can go.

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Twenty bucks says one of Bobby's grandchildren just stuck a post-it that says "iPhone" on his Jitterbug.

Want to get thrown out of a game easier?
There's an app for that.

Want to learn how to curse in other languages?
There's an app for that.

(ps. plz come back next year)

Jitterbug = LOL

I want the app that tells you what kind of phone the other person is using.

CHIPPER loves the GPS-enabled app that helps him accurately narc out immigrants going by his ranch.

Maybe next year, Bobby can tweet from the clubhouse right after each ejection. "Got thrown out again. Umpire is a friggin' putz. Off to Golden Corral"

When you set up someone as a contact on your iPhone, you can designate their phone number as "home," "mobile," "work," etc. But you can also label their number "iPhone," a feature which I find to be the most pretentious yet useless little nugget of technology ever.

My point? The fact that a reporter, working for a legitimate newspapering company, chose to describe Bobby's transmission as "via iPhone" is the most pretentious yet useless little nugget of journalism ever.

Also, Apple should totally make an iPhone that is comically oversized (like the one in Bobby's hand). They could call it the iJitter.

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