Brian Roberts Doubles His Pleasure, Doubles His Fun

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In last night's loss to the hated Yankees, Orioles second baseman Brian Roberts collected his 49th double of the season, leaving him just one double shy of becoming only the fourth player in MLB history to knock 50 doubles in three different seasons. But September holds more intrigue for the 31-year-old from North Cackalacky. With just eleven more two-baggers, Roberts will become the first player in 73 years to reach 60 doubles, and even has an outside chance to break Red Sox outfielder Earl Webb's single season record of 67 set back in nineteen dickety three.

Roberts has always been a doubles machine because he's got just enough power and a ton of speed; he has also played his entire career in a ballpark with fences placed short enough to bounce one over and far enough to not hit a ton of homers. Camden Yards is not specifically a doubles park but it fits Roberts to a tee.

So keep swinging for the fences, B-Rob, but not too hard. And if you deposit a ball in the outfield gap, slow up a bit just before you reach second base so you're never tempted to turn a double into a triple. It's not like you'll be costing the Orioles an important win.

(photo courtesy of Flickr user Keith Allison)

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Speaking of records: Last night's loss to the Yankees mathematically eliminated Baltimore from AL East contention. Tragic numbers are go!

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