Buster Posey Jogs Into the Collective Heart of Giants Fans

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Memorize that visage, San Fran fans. Former Florida State Seminole catcher Buster Posey is going to win you over whether you like it or not, and if you're Bengie Molina, you might not like it so much. Since Molina has been a creampuff for a week, Posey is being overnighted to the East Coast for tonight's Giants tilt with the Phillies and might get the starting nod tomorrow. Take it away, beat blogger Andrew Baggarly:

Now it's clear why Posey wasn't in the lineup for Triple-A Fresno last night. GM Brian Sabean had said repeatedly that he didn't plan to promote Posey this season, but the Giants are in a dire situation as Bengie Molina takes his time coming back from a strained upper right quad.

No doubt the Giants are frustrated that Molina has missed seven consecutive games, including last weekend's huge three-game series against the Rockies. Molina also told me last night that he wanted to rest his leg one more day and hopefully return on Thursday.

A free agent after this season, Molina hasn't been shy about pining for an extension and expressing dissatisfaction at the lack of dialogue from the team.

Backstop intrigue! Molina is about to get Pipp'd. But can Buster hit? Sure, in the past month and a half with Triple A Fresno, Posey posted a .902 OPS including 14 extra base hits in just 131 at-bats. He also threw out 45% of runners in his past two seasons of minor league action, so he's got an arm.

If he starts tonight, he'll be catching new Giant pitcher Brad Penny, but if he gets his first start tomorrow, he'll catch Tim freakin' Lincecum. Which would you want in your first start?

(Posey pic via Flickr user Dinur)

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Also called up Lucille Posey.

Buster "don't call me Parker" Posey.

Per Wikipedia, his real name is Gerald Demp Posey III.

Isn't he the heir to US Steel or something.

Buster "don't call me Olney" Posey

Buster "Don't call me 'Pocket Full Of'" Posey

Buster "Hymen" Posey.

Per Wikipedia, his real name is Gerald Demp Posey III.

It's not going to take the dispensaries long to start selling bongs named Gerald Hemp Posey

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