Consecutive Seasons With 100 Losses Spurs Cheesy Photoshop

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I spent so much time cobbling together that horrible Photoshop of the Nationals 2009 season that I really have nothing much to say about their far-from-impressive feat of losing 100 games for the second season in a row. But the mere fact that, with their loss to the Dodgers last night, the Nats have become the first National League team since the '73-'74 Padres to 'accomplish' said 'feat' is all the juice you need this morning to satisfy your deep-seated desires for schadenfreude.

(background photo courtesy of Flickr user afagen)

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The best part about back to back 100 loss seasons is the value received per loss

And Teddy Roosevelt's President Race losing streak stands at an even 274.

I'm betting Jay Leno makes an "Obama should bail them out!" joke tonight. Any takers?

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