Cooper Canned, Clark to Coach Club in Cubs Contest

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As per Joe Hamrahi of Baseball Daily Digest on the Twittersphere:

The Houston Astros have fired Cecil Cooper. 3B coach Dave Clark will take over as manager on an interim basis through the rest of 09.

Coop lasted much longer than we expected this season, despite his heady predictions and the wishful thinking of beat writers.

Sheesh, it's been a rough weekend for Cooper. First, Prince Fielder breaks his Milwaukee Brewers single season RBI record and then he gets fired. So Cooper is jobless and yet Ed Wade continues to wield his parachute of doom. Seems unfair to me.

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Prediction: The Cardinals will struggle at the plate against Wandy Rodriguez (AGAIN!!) tonight and Dave Clark will be lauded as the answer to all the clubs problems.

Last year Dale Sveum got a third-place Manager of the Year vote for his two-week stint at the helm of the Brewers. If the Astros perform well under Clark, will he get a similar 'also receiving' vote?

This was after Sveum went 7-5, of course.

Astros Administrator Accepts Axing. Afterwards? Alcohol.

Milwaukee to Dave Clark: "Catch us [for third place] if you can."

The Five feels betrayed.

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