Corey Patterson Watch: Ken Macha Does Not Read Walkoff Walk

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Corey Patterson has value. Corey definitely deserves to be a fully-employed Major League Baseball player with all the accompanying benefits. He is a speedy runner with a good glove and has some pop. However, if we've forced one idea down your gullet here at Walkoff Walk more than any other, it's "DO NOT HIT COREY PATTERSON LEADOFF". We even sell a friggin T-shirt that allows the hipster baseball fan to spread the word to other hipster baseball fans.

Brewers manager Ken Macha, however, is not a hipster baseball fan who has seen this T-shirt out in the open. Fella slotted new Brewers outfielder Corey Patterson into the leadoff spot yesterday against Chris Carpenter and the Cardinals. The results will not surprise you: Corey went 0-for-4 with a strikeout and the Brewers were shutout with just one hit to show for their 'efforts'.

But Christ, Ken, why would you bat this man in the leadoff position? Corey Patterson has a miasmic lifetime on-base percentage of .290 despite clobbering over 100 home runs in his career. Yes, Corey has power and yes, Corey has speed. But my goodness, very few players with Corey's skill set have been so damn poor at reaching first base.

In fact, Corey Patterson has the fourth lowest on-base percentage among players with over 100 home runs in their career, lower than Steve Balboni, lower than Juan Uribe, and lower than Granny Hamner. Granny Hamner, Ken! If you want to score runs you must put some damned basecloggers at the top of your lineup so Prince Fielder can see some damn pitches to hit.

And then he can go nuclear.

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