Curse Lifted On Matt Stairs

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mattstairsslam.jpg When we last left our hero Matt Stairs, he was mired in a slump that was almost two months long. Stairs hadn't had a hit since the Walkoff Walk heist; clearly, this was the work of someone from this very site.

Well, take your Virgin Mary statues out of your windows: Matt Stairs broke his 0-for-30 slump with a grand slam Thursday night against the Nationals, then added a double against the Mets yesterday. He's on a veritable hot streak! Grab room on the Matt Stairs bandwagon before it's too late.

Todd Zolecki of

"It means I won't get shut out the rest of the year," Stairs joked before Friday's game against the Mets at Citizens Bank Park. "I still had confidence. I knew I could still hit. But it definitely takes the monkey off the back a bit."

Stairs tried not to put pressure on himself during the slump, but he couldn't help but think about it.

"You try to say, 'This is the day,'" Stairs said. "But when it's not, you start thinking, 'Maybe I can get hit by a pitch.' A lot of things go through your mind. You start hoping that they start hanging pitches. The only thing is that you start losing your aggressiveness a little bit. You don't want to make an easy out or a bad out, because you've done that so many times in a row.

Well, now Stairs is 2 for his last 4 and is well on the way to winning the MVP. It makes sense Stairs was able to break his streak against the Nationals; they are, after all, Canadian defectors. And did he broke his streak on 9/10. All the pieces fit!1

Anyway, good job to whoever broke the curse.2 I owe you a cookie.

1 I mean, I guess the one minor hole in this theory is Stairs hotbed Fredericton, Canada isn't Montreal. Whatever. If the Phoenix Coyotes move to Hamilton (Ontario, not New Jersey), I will be so pissed in the name of the United States of America, and I'm not even quite sure what sport the Coyotes play.

2 I can only conclude the two recent walkoff walks are part of this good fortune. Keep up the good work!

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I thought the Hamilton, N.J., reference would at least get a comment or two. Their train station is so much better than Trenton's. Is our audience more North Jersey or South Jersey? Or is our audience completely asleep still?

They have a case of the Mondays thanks to the cases of High Life consumed over the weekend.

I put my Stairs cushy curse pillow away after the Giants left town.
It's comfy AND chalk full of evil!

Freddy Beach, New Brunswick is a hotbed of epic proportions. Hotbed for what, you ask? Sorry. State secret.

FYI: I have a not-so-secret desire to move to Toronto.

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