Fernando Perez Is Trying to Break Our Hearts

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Columbia grad, New Jersey native, recent Rays call-up and Walkoff Walk favorite Fernando Perez penned an essay for Poetry Magazine, and that is all you need to know. I'll step aside and let Fernando throw the eloquence and imagery at you so hard it'll make your human condition spin:

In earning my stripes as a professional baseball player I've been through many cities and have stared out of hotel windows all over the Americas. Ball players are mercenaries, taking assignments indiscriminately.

Throughout the minor leagues you'll find yourself slouched on a bus, watching small towns roll by matter-of-factly like stock market tickers, on your back in a new nondescript room, or "shopping for images" (Allen Ginsberg) in a Wal-Mart, hunched over a cart in no rush.

A pro ball player who can track down warning track fly balls AND quote Allen Ginsberg? Color me smitten. Fernando, let this be an open invitation to add to your resume by submitting a guest piece at Walkoff Walk. Curtis Granderson might smack more tater tots than you but in the blogosphere, he's the Dan Brown to your Cormac McCarthy. Read more.

(via Rays beat writer Marc Lancaster on Twitter)

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Torn to shreds and now wondering about my reason to be, I’m damaged, broken and of no use to anyone. Should it be fair, my life distilled to nothing but repetitive motion that now escapes me? I am an elbow tendon in Dusty’s midst.

You read things like that and it becomes all too clear that you are just another simpleton desk jockey who couldn't produce something so artful and intelligent if you had all the time in the world.

In other words, that was dope.

I'll be honest Rob, it's a little frustrating that I write a blog called Pitchers & Poets and was not only beaten to posting this story, but completely oblivious to it.

Anyway, at least we've maybe found a pitcher more overwrought than Curt Schilling:

A mere pitching change is an occasion “para rumbiar,” and the purse-lipped riot squad is always on the move with their spanking machetes swinging from their hips.

Beware of the purse-lipped riot squad.

I'm a little embarrassed that I don't link to Eric's website more often (read: at all). So everyone, go have at it, subscribe via RSS, etc.

He is like the Leaping Lanny Poffo, the Wrestling Poet, of baseball.

Oh maaaaan, if I read Eric's website then I'm going to have to think, aren't I? I'll give it a try, but I'm not promising anything. The only reason I come here in the first place is that I am assured of discussion completely devoid of intellectual matter.


njpanick: We have an internship available that might be good for you.

I challenge him to a haikuoff.


I agree with you
We should just use haiku-offs
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