Giants Prospect Angel Villalona Allegedly Pulls a Juan Uribe

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One of the San Francisco Giants most prized prospects has been arrested in the Dominican Republic for the murder of a man in a bar, which is a less serious offense than murder of a man in a church or a ice cream parlor. Angel Villalona, 19, turned himself in Sunday and faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted of killing the 25-year-old victim. Villalona was signed out of the Dominican at age 16 with a team record $2.1 million signing bonus, or twice the amount the Giants would have needed to sign Barry Bonds this year and contend for the NL West title.

Hey, look on the bright side, Giants fans. With a few years of good behavior, the first baseman Villalona should be out of prison and completely out of shape in time for his age 36 season at which point he'll still be a better option everyday than Travis Ishikawa.

Besides, the Giants are pretty used to having accused murderers in their infield:

(Juan) Uribe and a bodyguard are suspected of shooting and wounding a Dominican farmer and a captain in the Italian Navy with a pistol and a shotgun when the pair walked too close to Uribe's jeep around midnight Friday, authorities said.

That's from 2006, and Uribe was eventually cleared of those charges. But really, the lesson learned from that incident was "STAY AWAY FROM JUAN URIBE'S JEEP". The lesson learned from this incident? Stay away from San Francisco infielders, even though the only active murderer in the Giants infield is Edgar Renteria, who absolutely kills rallies on a nightly basis with his 67 OPS+.

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