Gregg Zaun Has a Closetful of Womens Clothing, Steroids

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'Duk was right. The dog days of September mean it's high time that bored veteran players on teams wayyyyy out of postseason contention start hazing rookies. September call-ups aren't the only ones to be victimized, either, as lithe lefty David Price (third from right) is seen doing his best Serena Williams impression. To review the outfits, from left to right: tranny, tranny, hot mess, fierce, fierce, tranny and Fernando Perez on the end looks like Prince. (whoops that got cut off)

It was 57-year-old veteran catcher Gregg Zaun who took a break from reviewing movies and buying steroids for his friends to dress the dudes up like ladies:

Zaun bought the outfits at a drag shop in Chicago last year when he was with the Jays, but the team opted for a different theme of hazing. Having invested $1,500, Zaun hung on to the stuff, and last week had his wife ship it out so the Rays could be styling.

Yes, it's quite obvious that Zaun 'hung on to the stuff' because of the financial implications and not because he has any bizarre personal fetishes. Nope, not at all.

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