Japanese Prime Minister Wears Gyoza Costume, Enters Pierogi Race

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When the Group of 20 conference comes a-callin' to your town, you expect to see some crazy stuff, but not just the wacky and colorful protesters. Board up the Starbucks, Ma! G-20 protesters a-comin!

For the latest international hoedown in beautiful downtown Pittsburgh, some foreign leaders took advantage of all the cultural gems that Western Pennsyltucky had to offer. New Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama, a lifelong baseball fan, toed the rubber at PNC Park on Saturday night and fulfilled the dreams of a million young Japanese fans: throwing out the ceremonial first pitch for a 96-loss team in front of approximately 72 fans.

But hey, check out the leg kick on that 62-year-old prime minister! He's like Juan Marichal with a touch of Eastern intrigue.

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Nice shoes, Seinfeld

New Balance: stuff white people AND Japanese politicians like

There's a reason I call 'em Jew Balance shoes.

His mechanics are awful.

But still better than Dontrelle's

In a shocking development at the G-20 conference this weekend, sources revealed that Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama tips his pitches.

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