Jason Bay: The Walkoff Walk Interview

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I had the chance to speak with Jason Bay in the Red Sox clubhouse last night while reporting on something else, and after getting the quotes I needed I just had to ask him about the world famous Jason Bay Song (unfortunately no longer viewable) that we posted here last year. Talking to reporters that cover the Sox on a daily basis you often hear what a great interview Bay is. He'll engage with a reporter and give you more than boilerplate and cliche. Even so, I expected him to say that he hadn't heard the song and for that to be the end of it. But it wasn't! So of course, I sat down for more questions

Yes, I interviewed one of the best hitters in the league and all I asked him about was this stupid video. Please to enjoy!


Kris Liakos: So I run a website called Walkoff Walk and last year we ran a video in which a young female fan had written and recorded a tribute to you set to the melody of "Yesterday." It's a total earworm and I hear it in my head every time an announcer says your name.

Jason Bay: Oh wow. I actually saw that.

KL: No way! That's when you were with the Pirates. It was a slow news day so I was just kicking around YouTube looking for baseball stuff and I found that and put it up on Walkoff Walk.

JB: Yeah, that's the site my wife found it on. She showed it to me. It was really... something.

KL: I know! She had another one about Brian Roberts and I saw that she got on TV with him and he was telling her how much he liked it. No one ever contacted you to do that?

JB: Nope. I was reading the comments on YouTube under the video and you could tell she was really really serious about it, though.

KL: Yeah, man. We tried to get her to write us a song about Corey Patterson because we're always talking about how we don't think he should be a leadoff hitter. She said she wasn't sure if she could do it or not but thanked us for listening.

JB: You can't just pull that stuff out of the air. She needed to be inspired. That stuff comes from inspiration.

KL: So true.

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Kris and Jason then shared a crisp salad and did a craigslist search for Wilco tickets.


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