Jesse Carlson Picked the Wrong Puerto Rican to Mess With

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Jesse Carlson did what any good relief pitcher should do to protect his teammates. After fellow Blue Jay Aaron Hill got plunked in the back, Carlson threw a fastball so far behind Jorge Posada that the dude in the on-deck circle had to duck. After Posada walked and scored on a Brett Gardner double, the Yankee catcher nudged Carlson who was backing up for a throw to home, and one of the biggest brawls in recent memory exploded. To wit:

Aren't you glad I embedded the TSN clip instead of the YES Network? I spared you the inane blatherings of Michael Kay.

In the end, Carlson was the lucky recipient of a big fat welt on his forehead and Yankees manager Joe Girardi got a black eye seemingly from Blue Jay infielder John McDonald. Jesse, a little friendly advice: you're supposed to cover the face in a fight, no matter how horrifically ugly you are.

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Jeter and Girardi in the middle of it, mixing it up, while Arod is on the fringes making sure he doesn't get his pretty face hurt.


OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS! You should see the Yankees dugout right now. Posada's brawling, Pettitte knew.

Dragging a catcher around by his chest protector = hair pulling. For shame, Edwar Ramirez.

Posad vs Barajas: How was knife not involved?

Love to get Suzyn Waldman's take on this.

"Meanwhile, third base umpire Derryl Cousins was hit in the knee by a full bottle of soda thrown by a fan in the stands determined to make the players look like dignified and civilized adults. Cousins wound up being the only “participant” to suffer an injury (as far as we know)."

I hate Yankees fans.

Man, how did I not think of "Poosada" years ago?

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