Jim Riggleman Thinks Baseball Is For Pampered Fatties

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Good news, Lunchbox. Do you mind if I call you Lunchbox? Okay, good. You don't have to be a stud to be on a major league club. Namely, the Washington Nationals. As long as you don't whine about things like "fatigue" or "injuries" or "my fat hurts." See, INTERIM manager Jim Riggleman thinks baseball is wicked easy and if guys are tired it's because they're whiners. Anyone can play this game as long as they suck it up like so much fettucine alfredo.

The entirety of his comments is definitely worth reading, but I'll just pull out the highlights. Because we all know if you were willing to put any work into anything you wouldn't look like that. To wit, Slim Whitman:

"I never like to use that word 'fatigued' or 'tired,'' he said. "I think it gets way over used in baseball. We're not running up and down the court, we're not playing football with equipment on in 100 degree temperature. It's a baseball game; it's not a physically taxing sport.

You just go hard and some mental struggles take place because you're having some bad days or whatever; I use those to give a bench player some at bats, not because I think you're physically fatigued. That's just my opinion, I could be wrong.

My feeling is you ought to be ashamed of yourself if you get physically tired of playing baseball because it shouldn't be that physically taxing. I could point to Lou Gehrig and Cal Ripken, Jr. and I think they would be on my side in that argument, but I don't expect everybody to be like that. I think guys need off days so that the other players can also stay sharp, so I won't concede to the fatigue factor."

Obviously, I'm poking a little fun but Riggleman's comments sound like they have merit to me. With a starter on the field for a little over half a game and with no contact, baseball is relatively speaking, not very physically taxing. That is not to discount the strain of a 162 game season, but I'm apt to believe Riggleman when he says most of that is mental. No problem if it is... but it probably is.

Now, these also sound like the comments of a guy that will keeping that interim title. Players don't take too kindly to being told they have mental problems, and in an age where dealing with clubhouse personalities has become a manager's primary role, Riggleman isn't likey to have that many suitors. And his 543-682 record won't help either. COME ON DUDE MANAGING ISN'T THAT HARD.

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Riggleman forgets being an out of shape fattie is a baseball tradition.

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