Joan Miró to Commence Spinning in His Grave Any Day Now

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Let's play a little guessing game. Who spoke the following statement in an interview with the New York Times and what was he/she talking about?

I went to Barcelona to see the Miró Foundation and I thought his palette would be the most appropriate, which would be a great homage to Spain. There's nothing wrong with retro, but it's time to move ahead into the 21st century. I could have chosen an Art Deco design, but that's looking back. There will be paintings, sculptures and colored lights.

No, it's not accomplished artist Omar Vizquel talking about his modernist influences. And no, it's not Chipper Jones talking about how he decorated his new hunting lodge. That's Florida Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria discussing the new Marlins stadium being constructed in the Little Havana neighborhood of Miami. Yes, the new home to the Florida Marlins is going to be a surrealistic jumble of shapes, colors, and Ross Gload.

Loria later added:

We'll pay homage to the Orange Bowl. We're sensitive to the history of the site, the Dolphins, Miami. We see ourselves as the Americas Team.

That's a bizarre statement. How does paying homage to the Orange Bowl jive with Joan Miró's surrealistic Catalan murals and paintings? And what does it mean to be "the Americas Team"? Is he just spouting buzzwords to make himself sound smarter?

Because when I think of baseball stadia being funded by taxpayers dollars that will feature (a) pools and a beach area (b) an homage to the old Orange Bowl and (c) Dan Uggla, I immediately think of Joan Miró. Now that I think of it, Billy the Anthropomorphic Marlin is actually totally Dadaesque.

But in reality, this is just another opportunity for Loria to flaunt his feathers for his latest pet project. No, it's not going to be public art no matter how much of the public's money you use to fund it. No, the new park is not going to create jobs and serve the community no matter how many outdoor sculptures you put in center field. Jeffrey Loria may be trying to emulate Lorenzo de Medici and create a South Florida renaissance, but in reality, he's more like a scheming, conniving Cardinal Richelieu, albeit a Cardinal Richelieu who killed off the Expos.

(via Rob Neyer's Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Spot)

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He wouldn't want Art Deco, the dominant art during the WPA years of architecture. No, this project needs to reflect how it reams the public out of its money, not putting to good use.

Expect Citi Field with the random expensive art pieces of the new Cowboys stadium. Oh, and a water slide.

I fail to see how referencing the aesthetic of Joan Miro, an artist who died in 1983 and is best known for his work in the 1920s and 1930s (the same time in which Art Deco predominated, incidentally), represents moving forward into the 21st century.

If he wants to move forward into the 21st century Loria should probably hire Damien Hirst to put a bunch of hacked-up Marlin carcasses in tanks in the outfield walls, or something.

The Pirates and Royals owners have started a bidding war over "Guernica," with each team claiming the painting as a metaphor. And Marge Schott always had a fondness for Salvador Dali's "Hitler Masturbating."

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