Loquacious Rex Hudler Ruins Touching Angels Moment

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We'll have a proper Oktoberfest: Party Boy column to celebrate the Los Angeles Angels of Angelheim's third consecutive AL West division championship, but until that gets cobbled together, here's a little celebration video:

Of course, this is an unusual celebration since the Angels didn't stay in the clubhouse; they actually trotted out to the right-centerfield wall to honor their fallen teammate Nick Adenhart. This was truly a touching moment and I probably would have wept a little bit while watching if it wasn't for a garrulous Rex Hudler yapping his fat mouth all the while. (hear more of that babillard here)

Rex, there's a time to be a color commentator and there's a time to shut the fuck up. This would be the latter. You remind me of the jackass who, during a moment of silence to honor our veterans, yells at other people to remove their hats. It's a moment of silence, not a moment of chiding.

But oddest of all was the fact that the Angels were spraying champagne as they walked out to honor Adenhart, who was killed by a drunk driver. If that doesn't send mixed signals, then this image surely will. Jeez.

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Do you think the players felt obligated to do the usual champagne bath or to honor their deceased teammate? In other words, which one was a chore, if any?

Meh, I say give em all a pass. I wouldn't know how to handle all of those emotions in that moment. The kid is still a part of the team, deceased or no. Let em celebrate that way.

Also, you found an Angels fan to write the Haloctoberfest post? Well I'll be.

I love the concept of "moments of chiding". Let's make it happen, people.

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