Miller Park Drunk Sells Out to Corporate Overlords from Chicago

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Some mysterious Cubs fan named Chad, who can drink two Old Styles at once, bought the Brewers blog Miller Park Drunk and has changed it to a more Chicago-friendly blog called Wrigley North Drunk. The price? Fifty bucks, a 12 pack of Milwaukee's Best and the issue of Playboy with Sable from WWF. Sounds reasonable.

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I love how perfectly Chad has captured the essence of a Cubs fan. When I read him, I see every Cubs fan I've ever met (except for a few, who I like despite that). I'm not sure there's a more honest voice of the Cubs than he. I can't wait to read more from the guy. You just know he's going to rip those @$$hats who like to keep score and debate all the "little" things with people who aren't even Cubs fans, or who don't understand the fine art of cursing or making racist jokes at the outfielders from the bleachers. It'd be fitting.

Seriously, this is brilliant stuff.

After reading his "introduction", I think this has to be a joke, right?

Best line
"That's right, Ryan Braun does my taxes"

The satire is dead on. To wit: he only mentions one current member of the Cubs. That is because Cubs drunks don't pay attention to the game and don't know who is on their team (except the white shortstop).

Where's the Will-Ferrell-as-Harry-Caray impersonation?

So I guess a lot of Yahoo commenters frequent Miller Park Drunk?

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