My My Mike Scioscia Face My Mike Scioscia Face

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Hey now. Anyone see the fantastic back and forth contest in Boston last eve? Neither side could hold a lead and the tit (snicker) for tat was as exciting a game as I've seen this season.

The Sox engineered a come back in the bottom of the 9th. Exciting for this here fan... even though it NEVER SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED.

Brian Fuentes caught the terribly overmatched (by a 91 MPH fastball) Nick Green looking at a 3rd strike dead over the middle for the last strike... and the ump called it a ball.

Look at Mike Scioscia's face!


Look at the Amica pitch zone! That giant white dot over the heart of the plate is the last pitch!


Look at Mike Scioscia making the same face 10 seconds later!


They wuz robbed. But I'll take it.

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bol was calling shenanigans on this game in last night's TQ post. Looking at the pitch zone screen cap, I see why. But perhaps the home plate umpire is a fan of this here bliggity blog and wanted to give us the benefit of the shrimp.

Scioscia actually just found out that the MPG estimate on his '97 Ford Ranger was wrong, and now he owes an additional $4500 for his new Chrysler Sebring. He didn't even want the thing, but his wife said they were missing out.

I'll take it as it brought the Yankees one game closer to securing home field throughout the play-offs.

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