Oh Yeah, There Was a Great Podcast Last Night

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No Liakos, but Drew and I did a pretty damn good Walkoff Walk Furious Five Radio Show last night between the two of us and a bottle of rum. We chatted about the NL Wild Card chances, how Scott Kazmir might end up becoming Victor Zambrano, and Starship Troopers. Listen here, or go download at iTunes:

The tune at the end is Warren Zevon's cover of the Van Morrison song "Into the Mystic", available for download at the Internet Archive.

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I was promised a Catshirt appearance. Luckily ya'll gave the Giants some love.

Needs more Catshirt!

I've got it on my Pod for listening while I review Bowie v. Kuhn for my sports law class this afternoon. Sports law is what happens when you only have two years of real law to fill up three years of tuition.

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