Patient Friar Hundley Does the Shrimpy Deed!!!

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You can't keep a good shrimp down. After a 2 month lay off, we have our second walkoff walk of the week. The glorious Padres grind out a single, a sacrifice, one intentional and two no-way-did-I-just-issue-free-passes-to-Padres old fashioned walks and keep the wildcard race alive for another day. In a cruel twist of fate, I wasn't awake to post it as it happened. Here's your hangover cure.

The NL West: Where Men are Men and Shrimp is Plentiful!

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Shrimp helps a little, but it didn't actually cure the hangover.

I was actually awake for this one, albeit completely oblivious.

When man dies, we become wolves again. When God dies, this video shall replace her.

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