Red Sox Fan-cum-Teacher Fancies Self a Regular Tim Gunn

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The Red Sox-Yankees rivalry is so tired, people. Just because they're the two best teams in baseball, both currently and historically, doesn't mean that the local newsrags need to keep hyping up their rivalry with silly incidents that mean nothing in the grand scheme of baseball fandom.

Yankees fans hate Red Sox fans, and vice versa, and with a series between the two teams looming this weekend (and possibly in October!), it's time once again to dredge up these two-bit stories.

The latest comes from Baldwinsville, New York, where an elementary school teacher and Red Sox fan named Peter Addabbo told one of his 9-year-old students was a fashion disaster:

Van Buren Elementary fourth-grader Nathan Johns thought his teacher was kidding Wednesday when he instructed him to go to the bathroom and turn his Yankees T-shirt inside out.

The blue shirt read "New York No. 52" on the front and "Sabathia" for the New York Yankees' pitcher CC Sabathia, on the back.

Nate complied, and said he was later told to wear it that way until dismissal. At lunch, Nate said the fifth-graders made fun of him because he wearing his shirt inside out. "It was such a horrible day." Nate said. "I don't ever want anything like to happen again."

Poor tyke! His teacher paints the classroom walls with Red Sox paraphernalia and yet the lad cannot go against the grain and support his own favorite squadron? For shame, Mr. Addabbo.

Also due a bit of shaming: Johns' parents, who claim their son's First Amendment rights were violated. Funny, I don't recall seeing an item in our Constitution's Bill of Rights that implied a right to little white boys to bear cheap CC Sabathia shirseys. Perhaps it's buried next to the part that guarantees the right to bring hilarious signs to Pittsburgh.

(thanks to reader Upstate Underdog for the tip)

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On a somewhat related note, I saw a guy wearing a Yankees t-shirt with "Ohlendorf 39" on the back. I can only guess him and Russ Ohlendorf are cousins considering Ohlendorf only threw about 40 innings during his Yankee career.

Mr. Addabbo is huge and seems tough, but if you can get him on the conveyor belt, it's pretty easy to knock him off at the end of level one.

Aaahhh, the good ol' suburbs of Syracuse. Is there any other way you can amaze us?

Why was the number on the front of the shirsey? Did the dad get his kid a knockoff t-shirt? THE REAL ONES ARE $12 HOW MUCH COULD YOU HAVE SAVED

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