Renaissance Man Omar Vizquel Craves Adventure, Paella

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As if being a post-modern painter and raising wallaroos wasn't enough to keep shortstop Omar Vizquel occupied in the offseason, it seems that multiple Gold Glove winner will be pursuing a far more dangerous hobby this winter: bullfighting.

The Texas Rangers infielder, who last winter searched for anacondas, plans to try bullfighting when he goes home to Venezuela this winter.

"Just go and learn the basics and stuff," Vizquel said. "It's one of my things on the to-do list. There's a lot of things still to do."

There are few players who can match Vizquel's offseason pursuits. Among the other adventures he hopes for: parachuting, flying in an F-16 jet and attending all three Triple Crown horse races.

Now there's a man in search of breathtaking adventure! Plummeting thousands of feet with nothing but a ripcord and fabric between you and a quick death! Soaring above the clouds and reaching Mach 1 in a dogfighter! Braving the drunken, Western Maryland redneck crowds in the infield at the Preakness! All life-endangering undertakings indeed.

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Just go and learn the basics and stuff

1. Don't get killed
2. Repeat

Omar Vizquel doesn't always drink beer
but when he does, its Dos Equis.

Getting past the pomposity of that PBS Spain show with Bittman, Mario Batali, Gwyneth Paltrow (ick), and that insanely beautiful Spanish actress, I was rewarded with an episode featuring a 20-minute block of watching an 80-year-old guy make paella out at his ranch. One of the finest cooking demos I've ever seen.


Yes, but can he speak french in russian?

that insanely beautiful Spanish actress

I want Claudia Bassols to carry all my children.


That's the funniest .gif I've seen in about forever. Big Ron, God bless him, was a bit out of his league. The brothers, Jen, and Yukon Cornelius are clearly the class of the group.

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