Rodney Dangerfield Blooper Reel In Lite Beer All Star Softball Game

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Part of the Miller Lite All Star series of commercials from the late 1970s and early 1980s, this 60 second spot packs enough hilarity into a quick commercial to make me double over in laughter. Ha, it's a celebrity softball game between "Less Filling" and "Tastes Great". So clever.

Rodney Dangerfield's relief appearance for the "Less Filling" team foretells Eric Gagne's stint as a Red Sox. But really, it's pretty obvious the "Less Filling" team was juicing anyway. I won't spoil the surprise ending except to say that it doesn't involve Billy Martin behind the wheel of a truck on Christmas Day.

(as featured on The Sporting Blog way back when in July by Dan Steinberg)

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It feels like I just missed about 95 pop culture references in that commercial.

As a Red Sock! The singular of Red Sox is Red Sock!

Vic Tayback will be missed.

But the plural of Sock is Socks, not Sox. I hereby suggest that the word Sox be officially accepted into the English language as both a plural and a singular, like sheep, deer, or Nettles.

I ♥ that commercial. The take-away message is not to drink Miller Lite.

The only thing worse than Miller Lite is Coors Light.

It's crazy, I usually do say Red Sock. This was just a temporary slip-up.

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