The City in the Sea: Today's Afternoon Games

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No liveglog today. I am nothing if I'm not cruel and direct.

  • Pirates at Reds, 12:35PM: Hey, remember when I pimped the Pirates after their big series win against the Phils? Well they've gone and lost six straight games to the Brewers and Reds and are now 5.5 games "ahead" in the race for last place. Tanking to get a better draft pick, or just terrible play against terrible teams? I'm not making excuses and neither is Zach Duke, 1-1 with a 1.93 ERA against the Redlegs this year.

  • White Sox at Twins, 1:10PM: Hey, remember when Mark Buehrle pitched a perfect game? Well, he's gone and lost four straight decisions in seven starts since that fateful July afternoon and has seen his ERA balloon by more than half a run. So maybe the Twins can complete the sweep today and move just a bit closer to catching those Tigers. Or maybe both these teams will finish the year at 81 wins and 81 losses and be completely un-memorable.

  • Astros at Cubs, 2:20PM: Speaking of Midwest mediocrity...

  • Royals at Athletics, 3:35PM: Hey everybody, Jose Guillen is back in the Royals lineup after a month missed with an ouchie knee! He'll be the DH! Aren't you all super excited! What a crazy way to spice up a vital, late season matchup!

  • Nationals at Padres, 3:35PM: The Padres had a winning August, their first winning month since Bip Roberts roamed left field at Jack Murphy Stadium. Well it hasn't really been that long but it's just hilarious to mention Bip Roberts in the same sentence as Padres success. The Dads go for the sweep over Warshington a day after the Nats were eliminated from the NL East race. I'm surprised it took until September for that to go down.

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I blame the Mets for Washington not being eliminated sooner.

This is, hands down, the least interesting set of afternoon games MLB has ever produced. There may have been days with one or two really bad games, but this is a whopping SIX contests that nobody anywhere cares anything about. With the exception of the Cubs game, the other five might draw 25,000 fans combined.

I'm watching the White Sox-Twins game for two reasons. One: The Twins are surging and are only 3 and a half games behind the Tigers. Two: I get WGN and I'm still waiting for the day when Hawk Harrelson curses on live TV reacting to a play that goes against the White Sox.

I am with Ed

Remember when the White Sox traded for Peavy and Rios and then 2 weeks later traded Thome away?

BC and Ed - when I said that "nobody anywhere cares anything about these games," I should have added - or the AL Central as a whole. My apologies.

/Stands on top of Phillies soapbox, looks around

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