The Floor Recognizes the Bloviating Buffoon from Massachusetts

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Curt Schilling is going to run for the Senate, y'all! The ex-Diamondbacks pitcher must consider himself to be equally as beloved in the state of Massachusetts as the late Ted Kennedy, because Schill has thrown his size 9.5" hat into the upcoming race to replace Ted. Schilling's qualifications for public office include: being an opinionated public figure and a flair for the dramatic.

He's not officially in the race, but he isn't denying it either. To wit:

"I've got a lot on my plate," says Schilling. "Right now, I'm not even going to speculate on it."

But, Schilling admits he would need to make a decision pretty quickly.

"I think for the first time in a long time, it will take the right candidate," Schilling said of a Republican beating a Democrat for the Senate seat.

So, why would Schilling possibly want to run for the Senate in the state of Massachusetts? His two biggest areas of support among his constituents are Red Sox fans and neo-conservatives. Red Sox fans have pretty much turned on him and would probably vote for Billy Buckner over Curt at this point, while you have a better chance of finding an uneaten Twinkie in Schilling's pantry than finding a conservative voter in the People's Republic of Massachusetts.

(via Brad Puffer at NECN)

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I wish I lived in Massachusetts so I could vote against him. This is just as ridiculous as Alec Baldwin thinking about running for the senate in Connecticut.

Announcement: "When I was single handedly winning the World Series for you chowder brains, I thought to myself, 'What these idiots need is a leader.' Then I struck out Edgar Renteria WHILE BLEEDING!"

I wouldn't vote for Alec Baldwin, but were Stephen Baldwin to run, boy howdy the comedy would be worth the crumbling of our entire society.

Hey Schill-
After the '04 series when people said you could run for Mayor and you'd never have to buy a drink in the state again, those were just expressions of speech, not invitations to actually run.

Ted Kennedy, on the other hand, was expert at recognizing the floor.


Wow, Chief. No respect for Teddy, even after he'd done so swimmingly all these years.

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