The Rock Cries Out to Us Today: Today's Afternoon Games

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Not many of these regular season Wednesdays left, so let's pick one of these four daytime games to liveglog:

  • Rangers at Indians, 12:05PM: Scott Feldman will make you a believer one of these days. Hopefully before he gets shut down for shoulder soreness. Fella with a 15-4 record and a tidy 3.62 ERA looks for his eighth straight road W today against the hapless Tribe. Fausto Carmona will try to avoid his third loss to Texas this year.

  • Cubs at Pirates, 12:35PM: Hey, did you hear? The Pirates are in the midst of their 382nd consecutive losing season! But nobody expected them to contend this year, unlike Cubs supporters who foresaw a World Series berth. So despite the fact that the Cubs are about to sweep the Pirates, who's laughing now? Hm?

  • Cardinals at Brewers, 2:05PM: If Ken Macha is going to go through the trouble of slotting Corey Patterson in the leadoff spot, I might as well liveglog the game for you. Corey Watch is on, y'all! And if Macha has a moment of clarity, we'll still have Adam Wainwright's budding Cy Young campaign to enjoy for the afternoon.

  • Padres at Giants, 3:45PM: Your window of opportunity is closing fast enough to crush those little fingers of yours, Giants fans. Now three games back in the wild card, San Fran needs to win this rubber match with the help from curveball crazy Barry Zito. Still, the team could win today, tomorrow and ever after and it won't make a darn difference with righteous righty Tim Lincecum out with a strained back.

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Patterson is not in today's starting line-up.

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