The Wil Cordero Memorial Linkpunch, Thursday, September 17th

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linkpunch gorillaSometimes people write better than us. Each Thursday WoW gives you our favorite baseball links we've come across.

  • Joe Posnanski fisks a Ken Rosenthal piece on MVPs by pointing out the difference between objectivity and subjectivity, and does a far more intelligent, thoughtful, and funny job that a bunch of sitcom writers could ever do. JoeBlog.

  • Sky Andrecheck decides that baseball needs a better system of tiebreakers to decide playoff spots. As long as home-field advantage exists, there can never be a completely fair way to figure these things out, but at least it's not the ridiculously stupid college football overtime method of tiebreaking. Baseball Analysts.

  • Baseball Prospectus Radio gets the interview of the century. Instead of having one of their own eggheads conduct it, they just get Rays players Gabe Kapler and Fernando Perez to interview one another. This is a must-listen, so download it to your Diamond Rio if you don't have the time right now. Baseball Prospectus Radio.

  • Kurt penned the ultimate history of Corey Patterson, also known as the Patron Saint of Walkoff Walk. Back in 1998, the Cubs passed on drafting CC Sabathia, J.D. Drew, Brad Lidge, and Carlos Pena to take Patterson. I suppose it was only fitting that a player the Cubs expected to become "the next Willie Mays" could only end up being a running joke on a childish weblog. GoatRiders of the Apocalypse.

  • Going off an analogy that compares Afghanistan to an ESPN Zone, Eric examines the Americanization of the Afghans and ponders a future where baseball gets a foothold in the mysterious country. Hey, if lamb qorma can catch on in the U.S., then baseball can take off in Afghanistan. Pitchers & Poets.

  • Padres reliever Heath Bell got in shape and lost 25 pounds in the offseason by playing his 11-year-old daughter's Wii Fit. In related news, Rich "El Guapo" Garces gained 25 pounds over the winter on his empanada-only diet. Wall Street Journal.

  • Wrigley Drunk reverts to its original form but not before it takes the time to review Kevin Kaduk's book Wrigleyworld. Miller Park Drunk.

  • John Klima, author of a new book about Willie Mays and the Negro Leagues, describes how (and why) the Yankees passed on the Say Hey Kid. New York Times.

  • Christoph Niemann visualizes insomnia through some clever and funny illustrations. Abstract City.

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So I'm guessing from the comments in this post that many of the Miller Park Drunk readers don't get the whole "Wrigley Field Drunk" gimmick? Or do they all get the joke, and are satirically posting comments of their own? If the latter is the case, then that's awesome, and I'm a pretentious idiot.

I think a lot of people got the joke. Unfortunately, the people who didn't get it were angered because that's what happens when dull people are confused/experience change, and so they decided to post negative comments. Now that sounded pretentious.

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