There Is An Enormous Hole Atop the Yankees Beat Blogosphere

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Original Yankees beat blogger and devoted Bruce Springsteen fan Peter Abraham is leaving the New York scene at the Journal News and heading up north to cover the...Red Sox? With the Boston Globe? Sounds like a heel turn to me!

We've had our fun before at Peter's expense (and since he can't take a joke, we heard directly from him) but proper respect must be paid to the man who was the first Yankees beat writer to dip his toe into the baseballblogosphere, way back in the prehistoric times of 2006. His style of writing was honest and direct and simple. There was never any flowery prose and he rarely injected his own opinion. Why would he? He was never a Yankees fan and he pretty much hates Alex Rodriguez.

Abraham's success can be directly linked to three things: being first, having access, and being blunt. Anyone could have sunk his or her teeth into the enormous pie full of Yankees fans hungry for access, but Pete was number one. Want to know what's going down in the Yankees clubhouse? Don't wait for tomorrow's newspaper or even for a snarky post-game blog update from NY Times scribe Tyler Kepner. Abraham would update his blog after every Derek Jeter cliché response and every Joe Girardi fart. There were Yankee blogs before Peter Abraham but none of them had that direct access to the comings and goings of the team.

Where will the Yankee fans out there still hungry for their bloggy coverage turn? Which name will ascend to the top of the Yankee beat blog heap?

  • Tyler Kepner, New York Times: The cleverly-named Bats blog is thoughtful and insightful, but it still follows the New York Times style of blogging. It's not immediate and it's not quick. Plus, you have to sift through all the Mets news.

  • Mark Feinsand, New York Daily News: Blogging the Bombers also features Anthony McCarron; the coverage is impeccable and the writing is intelligent. But it's another blog that doesn't post the lineups and doesn't get updated during the game. I crave immediacy!

  • Joel Sherman, New York Post: Yankees Blog reads like the Post itself and is written for people like your dad. It's basically the equivalent of reading a tabloid paper on your laptop except you can't wrap your halibut in it later.

  • Erik Boland, Newsday: The underdog emerges as the favorite! Despite it's cringe-inducing name, E-Boland and the Bombers keeps the Yankee fan informed with lineups, breaking news, and Cover it Live gameglogs. It's what a blog should be.

Outside of the newspaper's sphere, there's always Alex Belth's thoughtful Bronx Banter Blog on SNY, Ben Kabak's River Ave Blues on the YES Network, and the independent Sliding Into Home and Was Watching. And if the Journal News is smart, they'll hire an experienced and passionate blogger to fill Peter Abraham's shoes and keep their Yankees coverage afloat, i.e. me.

So Abraham heads to the Boston Globe (which sounds like a great place to work) to join such illustrious names as Nick Cafardo, Amalie Benjamin, Adam Kilgore and Tony Massarotti. More importantly, our own Kris Liakos will have a new buddy when he heads to the park representing ESPN the Magazine! Kris, give my love to Pete.

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Abraham's success can be directly linked to three things: being first, having access, and being blunt.

Not writing ability? There's still hope for me!

I hear the Journal News has a strong anti-Foie Gras stance Rob, so you'll never fit in.

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