Tonight's Podcast Questions

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Hey kids, it's a living.

That'll do, little piggies. See you later tonight for the podcast (look! we embedded the player above!), otherwise we'll be back live tomorrow. Same WoW channel.

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Or we may just liveglog the Jay Leno show instead of answering five silly questions. Who knows.

Why don't you do a retrospective of the best stuff from the first 19 episodes?
I'll break my radio antenna if you glog Leno.

You had better play a clip of the song stylings of Tim McCarver.

Phillas, Lenny Dykstra already stole your antenna, and has sold it for scrap. And t.p. money.

FYI, Chief Wahoo and I are going to meet at Citi Field on Saturday. If anyone else is interested, we're gonna be in Section 103 and we'll be necking.

Rob, we may wind up within hailing distance of Elijah Dukes. Time to see if his anger management classes were effective.


Seriously, you guys don't have to live in his town. My locks aren't particularly strong.

First time I ever screwed up the outro music and not the intro music.

I larfed.

I had class all day...I miss u all. The podcast is one of the best things of my week.