Tonight's Question

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  • ARE you going to watch the Giants and Phillies tussle on the MLB Network at 7PM EDT? Tim Lincecum faces Pedro Martinez, Jim Kaat and Bob Costas have the call, and it's not like any other pro sport has an important game happening tonight.

Support your favorite baseball league, folks. See you tomorrow for Friday faves, same WoW channel.

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Bases loaded bottom of the 10th in Detroit...could it be a...?

Damn you to hell, Placido Polanco. It's been so long since we've had shrimp.

Fuck me, Tribe loses and no shrimp either.

This video made me happy to be alive.

Hearing Harry Kalas sing "High Hopes" after the game ended made me teary-eyed.

I now have laces on my face after a throw to home kicked up and kissed me as I was crossing the plate. WHO WANNA MAKEOUT

You need to wear a cup on your face, MDT.

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