Tonight's Questions

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This wraps up another Walkoff Walk broadcast day. Please return to your pods and recommence your evening of feeding on baseball. See you tomorrow, same WoW channel. You too, Pizza Slice Baby.

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What excites me most is watching the Blue Jays-Rangers game at 3:33AM. Setting my alarm now, this is just like the World Baseball Classic!

Congrats to Matt_T for getting both his kitty cats back. Hurray, Ginger Cat!

Ginger's gonna be pissed when she finds out while she's been slumming in a burnt litter box, Whiskey and Matt have been luxuriating elsewhere.

Great news about Ginger. Also instructive when it comes to dating gingers...don't do it!

Oo! oo! I know why the Mets activated David Wright! It's because they're insane and don't think that concussions exist!

The Mets are activating David Wright because THEY CARE ABOUT MY FANTASY TEAM!

Wheee! She's in very good spirits, purring and wanting to be pet. I had to leave her a thr vet because she has a couple nasty wounds on her leg but I should be able to bring her home tonight and reunite her with Whiskey Cat

the return of Tim Hudson and Ginger Cat on thr Dame day. It's a sign. Wildcard bitches


Texas is operating in Greenwich Mean Time today, and today only.

Also, Matt_T hipped me to the Crooked Vultures show in Philly on October 12. I'll send you pictures from the gig, Matt.

I may drive to Nashville for the show. But I'm thinking there will be more dates added.

That baby is the only thing left that can connect the natural world to Dom Deluise.


I once spent a night hitting the clubs with Peter DeLuise. It's a memory I'd love to shake.

Peter DeLuise of 21 Jump Street fame?

Yay for Ginger.

Jiegel's Volvo to The Heist with me and Phony Gwynn was a real Manship.

That's a pretty great sentence.

Matt, when I told my wife about Ginger cat, she squealed with glee then almost cried tears of joy.

I spent 15 minutes watching Crooked Vultures clips and felt the same way.

Tell her thanks for me.

I'm pickig up Ginger now. She had to have one toe amputated bu they said she won't even notice, no effect on her walk at all.

You want a toe? I can get you a toe, believe me. There are ways, Dude. You don't wanna know about it, believe me.

Alfonseca cat?
(glad she's fine, really!)

Matt, that's great news about your cat. Though I guess mother nature had something to say about the Braves playing tonight...

Damn. I'm impressed that they didn't just call the game in Florida tonight...

I just found out that Albert Pujols is better at hitting home runs than Shaq.


Thanks guys. She's tougher than those Creampuff baseballers

matt_T, just read about Ginger Cat. great news.

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