Tonight's Questions

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That's all. If you're participating in the big Walkoff Walk Fantasy Football draft tonight, we'll see you there. If you are just finding out about said beast, I am sorry that we didn't make enough room for everyone. If you don't know me by now, you will never never never know me. Until tomorrow, same WoW channel.

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No, no, no. That version doesn't sound remastered at all. I demand ALL Beatles performances be remastered and mono. Same with the old WoW posts. I was breezing through the archives, and there's some stuff from '08 where I can barely pick up on the sarcasm and food humor. Remaster that shit, Iracane.

Sorry I missed the Liveglog. I had a rehearsal for my new metal project all afternoon. WON'T HAPPEN AGAIN, I SWEAR!

Metal waits for no liveglog.

Meh, the number 8 is overrated. I'm much more of a 6 guy.

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