Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, I've been thinking it's time we brought back the Hey kids bit

  • SHOULD baseball have a salary cap? the debate continues, and I am pleased as punch that WoWies are smart and mature enough to carry on an intelligent discussion in one post, then make dick jokes in another.

  • IS Citi FIeld killing the Mets? Gerry Fraley thinks so, probably because it was built on an ancient Indian parking lot.

  • MIGHT Ken Macha get shitcanned at the end of this season? There are at least three good reasons to do so.

  • DO you like the NL East? You're in luck, all five teams are in action tonight, while very few other teams will join them.

  • ARE you ready for some football? Who are we kidding, there are no important baseball games being played tonight, so please to enjoy the return of fascist NFL to our airwaves. Steelers and Titans on NBC at 8. Bring the popcorn.

Get a good night's rest tonight. The weekend beckons and it portends a good deal of fun matchups, important matchups even. See you tomorrow for the Friday funfest. You too, Drew Fairservice's real life Lobster Baby. Same WoW channel.

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Lobster the Barber Baby?

I have a question for tonight. When do waivers go through on the WoW football league? I had a technical issue last night and made several picks on autodraft. I have Pat White on my team, ferchrisakes!

It's allright, Chief. I couldn't make the draft and Yahoo picked my entire team. Now I'm stuck with Trent Edwards as my backup...

Dad totally ruined that picture by having his stupid foot in it.

Because I am a genius and scheduled the draft for Football Eve, you're pretty much stuck with Pat White for Week One. Just get him to run the option and you'll be okay.

I am sorry Drew. I didn't see that it was your baby. Your foot is not stupid. Very cute baby. I can't wait to dress mine up in crustation costumes come next spring.

There needs to be some sort of cap on the number of pictures a dad takes of his cute baby lest the more unfortunate parents with un-cute babies can't keep up competitively.

You laugh now, Rob, but you better hope they look like Sally and not you.

Now I need to get Moe a lobster costume.

The real issue is the Dad's with the really cute babies are driving up the price of digital cameras

Are you afraid Rob's baby would look like Maggie Simpon's uni-browed enemy?

Drew, your baby makes one helluva lobster baby.


Cute crustacean captivates coarse commenters.

So is this the time to mention the Lobster Skill Crane I saw in Cleveland a few weeks ago or...?

I bet lobster baby is boiling in that suit.

When did you get rid of the "hey kids" bit?


This is why I come to WoW: the Fantasy Football Leagues and the pics of Lobster Babies.

If you are not mesmerized by this video/music combo, I got nothing else for you.

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